The Spill

This multi-printed print is composed of a linoleum carving, a plastic sheet etching, and rubber stamps. My inspiration for this piece comes from the ideas of ways we have been treating nature and the world around us. This is a movement piece that focuses on the idea behind global warming and how it has been negatively impacting the world as we know it. This artwork is designed in mind with what I would envision Earth if she were to ever have a gravestone tumb. On this gravestone, the “spill” of trash is spilling over all life on Earth, planets, animals, and humans. Without Earth’s life, there is no other life. With this in mind, it’s important that we all contribute and do our part. Picking up trash when you find it on the streets or at the beach or anywhere else will show that you are doing your part and contributing to lowering your carbon footprint. I hope you enjoy taking a deeper look into my visually represented thoughts and ideas.

18″ x 24″


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