The life of the Banana

This three-part series showcases the cycle of the potassium-rich banana fruit. Bananas are a great source of nutrients and energy and have always been a preferred fruit of choice. Being an athlete growing up, the banana has always been a go-to on-the-run snack I would eat before sporting events. In this series, I wanted to focus my attention on showing the importance and rich value of this fruit.

The life of a Banana starts with the first stage. The consumption process of a banana’s life is the picking stage. When shopping at the grocery store one always looks for that perfect ripe bunch of bananas, this is called the picking stage. The buyer then enjoys the eating of the banana, this is the consumption stage, visualized when observing the half-eaten banana. The final stage is the discard stage, after the banana is eaten we are left with the remains, the peal of the banana.

Stage 1: The Picking

Stage 2: The Eating of the Banana

Stage 3: The leftovers, discard stage


The Ocean Sunset

18″x 20″


Ceramic Sculpture.

Vibrant hues of colors in the views of late summer night sunsets inspire this piece. Growing up in beautiful Sunnyside San Deigo, I have a love for the ocean, especially in the beautiful sunsets that set over this vast body of water. This sculpture reminds me of the beach’s beauty and the tranquility it brings. This sculpture brings an appreciation to nature by emphasizing oceanic forms while also applying summer night color schemes to these forms.