Mixed Media Artwork

Sun and Wave Automata

Ink pen work on paper, cardboard, and fabric.

5″ x 10″



Sun printx4

7″x 11″


Mixed Media Artwork

Caption Tory’s Light

Inspired by the Chronicles of Harris Burdick’s Caption Tory.

“He swung his lantern three times and slowly the schooner disappeared.”

Colored pencil and ink pen on paper.

13″ x 16″

Mixed Media Artwork

Iris Eye

Colored pencil and Graphite on the Dictionary page of the term Iris.

8 1/2″ x 12″


The Spill

This multi-printed print is composed of a linoleum carving, a plastic sheet etching, and rubber stamps. My inspiration for this piece comes from the ideas of ways we have been treating nature and the world around us. This is a movement piece that focuses on the idea behind global warming and how it has been negatively impacting the world as we know it. This artwork is designed in mind with what I would envision Earth if she were to ever have a gravestone tumb. On this gravestone, the “spill” of trash is spilling over all life on Earth, planets, animals, and humans. Without Earth’s life, there is no other life. With this in mind, it’s important that we all contribute and do our part. Picking up trash when you find it on the streets or at the beach or anywhere else will show that you are doing your part and contributing to lowering your carbon footprint. I hope you enjoy taking a deeper look into my visually represented thoughts and ideas.

18″ x 24″


Handmade Custom Jewelry

Handmade Floral Band Ring

Size 8 handmade silver ring.

Graphite and Charcoal Artwork

Rock Textures

Graphite and Charcoal pencil.

“18 x 24”


The life of the Banana

This three-part series showcases the cycle of the potassium-rich banana fruit. Bananas are a great source of nutrients and energy and have always been a preferred fruit of choice. Being an athlete growing up, the banana has always been a go-to on-the-run snack I would eat before sporting events. In this series, I wanted to focus my attention on showing the importance and rich value of this fruit.

The life of a Banana starts with the first stage. The consumption process of a banana’s life is the picking stage. When shopping at the grocery store one always looks for that perfect ripe bunch of bananas, this is called the picking stage. The buyer then enjoys the eating of the banana, this is the consumption stage, visualized when observing the half-eaten banana. The final stage is the discard stage, after the banana is eaten we are left with the remains, the peal of the banana.

Stage 1: The Picking

Stage 2: The Eating of the Banana

Stage 3: The leftovers, discard stage

Colored Pencil Artwork

June Scull

Graphite and colored pencil.

9″ x 10″



Sun printx3

7″ x 11″



Humanities Role Blue Etching

This ink print etching is inspired by Earth and humanity’s role in improving the environment around us. This print is a movement piece aiming to bring attention and focus to climate change. This art serves as a reminder to show that positive change can be made to our environment if accurate steps are taken thoroughly.

9 1/2″ x 13″



Feminist Red Etching

Inspired by feminity and embracing it. This collage print etching aims to showcase the beauty of feminity by representing feminist items. In this print, you can see many consumer goods and items that women often use or enjoy in life, like flowers, fashionable bags, fancy throw pillows, fancy hats, high heels, and extravagant dresses.

10″ x 13″


Pen and Ink Artwork

Golden Sky

Detailed golden cloud ink hand-drawn artwork.

Metallic gold sharpie

12″ x 12″


Photomontage & Collages

The Hotdog

Three-layered postcard-sized collage.

4 1/2″ x 6″

Handmade Clothing

Ocean Demin Vest

Size Medium Demin Vest.

Inspired by my love for the ocean. This vest is 100% made of recycled fabrics and materials. This vest is a movement piece aiming to bring attention to making those little environmental changes in our daily lives to lower our carbon footprint. This vest emphasizes the importance of nature’s marine life and showcases Earth’s oceanic beauty by letting her know that we see her and recognize her importance. A necessity for our own salvation and for all other life on earth.

Photomontage & Collages

New York Collage

Four-layered collage, inspired by New York’s night skyline.